General FAQs

What is BloomHouse?

BloomHouse is a revolutionary new automated sales platform for the global flower industry. It was designed with a combination of unique software, hardware and advanced sensors to serve flower buyers 24/7 without additional labor costs. 

Why do I need a BloomHouse?

In today's competitive retail world buyers are looking for convenience and immediate purchase options with rapid on demand delivery. BloomHouse was created to service the next-generation of flower buyers. 

With the increasing cost of operating a brick and mortar location, operating BloomHouses allows you extend your brand without incurring major fixed monthly costs. This is the next generation of sales automation in the floral industry that can create new sales channels for owners and operators. 

Who can operate a BloomHouse?

Any grower, mass market or floral retailer can easily operate a BloomHouse indoors or outdoors. It is also optimized for hospital gift shops and airports as a self serve flower vending machine.  

How much can I make with a BloomHouse?

Your gross sales will be determined by the total number of transactions per day, per week and per month.  Your gross margin on sales will be determined by your cost of goods sold and existing supply chain. The products being sold, the price points, and the location of the BloomHouse will also be major factors. With such a low monthly operating costs, the break even point is very low when compared to a traditional retail brick and mortar location. 

What is the best location for a BloomHouse? 

Any location with high traffic and visibility is usually best for long term sales success and to achieve the fastest ROI.  This may be outside or inside your own existing retail location, in a hospital gift shop, in a major airport arrival terminal, at a cemetery or major high traffic shopping mall.  Any location where consumers can purchase fresh flowers is a good potential location. 

Is it easy to move or relocate? 

The great thing about a BloomHouse is you may choose to move it to a new location as new opportunities arise. Generally a unit can easily be disassembled and assembled within one day by a qualified contractor. 

Can I put it outside my retail location? 

Yes, it was designed as an after hours pick up service, and also to facilitate after-hours sales and delivery. 

Can I offer local delivery with a BloomHouse?

Yes! There are a few delivery options to consider as follows:

Your own Company Truck and Driver

If you already operate a delivery service, you can use your own driver or any on call contract drivers to deliver 8/5 or 24/7 as each sale is made.  The system triggers a delivery alert request to any on call driver or service. The BloomHouse software allows you to vary the delivery fee based on zip code and time of day.  For example from 9am to 5pm, you may charge a $12 delivery fee. From 6pm to midnight you may increase this to $24, and from midnight to 6am you may charge $49. There is really no limit to the variations of delivery charges possible. 

Crowdsourced Delivery Services such as Uber and Lyft

Depending on your city, we may have an approved and authorized third party delivery partner available to help you deliver 24/7. 

See this article for how some floral providers are using Uber for flower deliveries in many markets. 

How much does BloomHouse cost to run?

That depends on the size, the monthly cost of the ground lease (if any) and the monthly cost of utilities for electrical. You may also have an internet access wifi fee for each location that operates a smart cooler version. 

Is this a flower kiosk?

No, as a flower kiosk or flower vending machine can only service walk up customers with no smartphone or online purchase capability. Nor do basic vending machines have real time inventory control unique to the flower industry. BloomHouse is designed to use a mobile friendly ecommerce website to capture flower orders for local pick up and local delivery using a variety of payment methods.  You can even integrate BloomHouse purchase options with your own website using an external URL link such as this one example. 

Why is there a robot in a BloomHouse model? 

We have combined our production automation robot (FloraBot) into a BloomHouse smart cooler to create a fully autonomous flower shop.  This combination lowers the labor cost to almost zero in many cases with the exception of a person to restock the unit once a day. 

Purchasing a BloomHouse

How much does a BloomHouse cost?

Pricing is available online at this link.  Final pricing will depend on the size of your unit, if it is an indoor or outdoor unit, and any options selected.  Do not forget to factor in shipping costs if more than 300 miles from Miami. We deliver free within 300 miles of Miami with our own truck. 

Are there quantity discounts?

Yes, starting at three units or more of the same size currently. 

Do you offer exclusive territories for BloomHouse users? 

Yes, please call for more details. There is a minimum of five units required for most cities. Country specific agreements and licensing are also available currently with select strategic development partners. 

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, from any US based public company, Hospital or Airport Authority. 

How much does shipping a BloomHouse cost?

This depends on the size of your unit, and trucking to your zip code or postal code. For international shipments, this depends on ocean shipping to your specific port.  There may be a wood crating fee depending on the offshore destination. 

How long does it take to ship?

Depending on the current manufacturing time and any custom options, anywhere from 8-12 weeks to manufacture plus shipping transit time, unless we have the unit already in stock. 

How do you ship a BloomHouse?

In North America, generally by truck on a 48’ x 96’ pallet. You are also welcome to pick up or use your own shipper from our Miami distribution warehouse. 

How long does it take to assemble when it arrives? 

If you have power already installed, generally a contractor will take 4-6 hours for final assembly and testing. We provide all instructions and phone support for final assembly. 

Do you offer finance or leasing options? 


You can choose any local equipment lender or leasing company you wish, or reach out to one the following vendors for the best rates.

The Federal Florist Credit Union

With rates as low as 3% (with collateral) the FFCU has some of the best rates around for retail florists. We can't see enough good things about the team there.

Lending Tree





What are the payment terms? 

A 50% deposit is due with your order to begin manufacturing, and the balance due 10 days prior to ship date.  

Is there sales tax?

Only in the State of Florida. 

Installation and Setup

What do we need on our end to operate a BloomHouse?

For Basic Cooler models:   110V Electricity

For all Smart Cooler models:  110V and WiFi access (5Mbs minimum is suggested or faster)

Power Requirements: 

All units are available with 110V or optional 220V power options. 

Ground location:

A level concrete ground location or pad is optimal with at least 2 feet of clearance on the front and sides.  Clearance on the back side should be at least 2”.

Weather cover

Depending on your outdoor location, and local climate, you may require a weather enclosure. The exact cost depends on the size of your unit and local climate. You may also choose to order your own weather enclosure locally. 


Verify with your existing insurance provider what type of policy you may require, or if a BloomHouse is covered under any existing policy. 


For outdoor use, you may require a local permit depending on your city and state. Please verify this BEFORE you order a unit.  

Etheryle gas filters

The filters should be changed every few months according to the vendor. 

Ongoing Operational Questions

Is there a warranty?

There is a one year BloomHouse warranty on all components. Specific components (such as cooling units) may have a separate manufacturer warranty. Extended warranties are available on request. 

How about software updates?

All BloomHouses run on a special version of Quickflora software optimized for 24/7 vending operations.  All hosting, support and updates are covered under the monthly fee with each unit. We push all software updates every month over the cloud and/or as needed. 

Who makes the BloomHouse software?

The QuickFlora development team has been providing advanced enterprise level point of sale software to the floral industry for over a decade. 

How about local service?

The BloomHouse mechanical engineering team will work with any local provider to help with any parts replacement or diagnostic issues as part of your monthly support fee. 

How do you monitor temperature and humidity? 

Yes, we use special wifi sensors to monitor and alert you if the temperature or humidity starts to move outside the approved optimal range for flowers. 

What about security?

We take security very seriously. In fact, some people say we go a bit overboard given that we are tech people. All units come with an optional  built in CCTV 4K remote camera monitoring system that is tied to a smartphone for real time notifications.

Beyond that we offer an optional subscription for 24/7 monitoring that involves motion sensors, cameras and local voice control.  This is far more security than is used with a typical ATM machine. We know you have made a significant investment in a BloomHouse and we are committed to ensuring each unit is fully secure and monitored at all times.

It should be noted, with the optional CCTV system every customer/employee interaction within 10 feet is recorded and stored for 30 days for security purposes.These options provide a 24/7 security perimeter monitoring system that monitors every transaction and/or every walk up visitors no matter if they purchase or not. 

Do you monitor each sale transaction?

For all smart coolers, we monitor every transaction remotely and alert you if we detect an issue. 

Is there facial recognition software for visitors?

Yes, we do offer Kairos facial recognition software option for $99 a month in the United States This option also has the capability to greet customers (upon walk up) and store gender/buyer information and facial reactions for marketing purposes. In the EU, check with GDPR regulations regarding compliance and data retention policies. 

Can I vary the operating temperature? 

Yes, you can switch to a warmer temperature range for tropical flowers for example. 

Do I get sales alerts?

Each BloomHouse SmartCooler comes standard with a full sales dashboard with programmable email, text and stock alerts 24/7. 

How do I sell online?

Each BloomHouse SmartCooler comes with a full featured ecommerce mobile friendly website to sell online before any consumers walk up to the unit. This is included as part of your monthly support fee. Consumers can also purchase online and arrange local delivery (with approved local crowdsourced delivery partners such as Uber,  Lyft or Deliv). You may also choose to use your existing website and interfacet with the QuickFlora API. 

Who manages the BloomHouse website? 

The QuickFlora software system manages all products for sale just like any other high level point of sale and e-commerce system. 

Can the BloomHouse orders go into my own POS? 

Yes, depending on the capability and API of your existing POS vendor.  BloomHouse Smart Coolers are already interfaced 100% with the QuickFlora POS, Inventory and Purchase Order management modules for existing QuickFlora users. 

Selling from a BloomHouse

What can I sell in my BloomHouse?

Any product you wish, not only floral. Any gift item, perishable or nonperishable. There is really no limit, only the compartment and door size is the limit. 

Do you take a commission or transaction fee on each sale?

No. There are no transaction charges or fees after you purchase your BloomHouse. You may incur a credit card clearing fee from your payment processor if you accept credit cards.

Are there vendors that stock these for us?

There are many growers (bouquet companies)  that will stock these with bouquets as is typical with mass market accounts such as supermarkets. We do not endorse any one grower over another.

Is there plumbing required?

There is no plumbing requirement. Some outdoor units in hot climates may require a condensation drain. 

Can a customer walk up and make a purchase?

Yes, for all smart cooler versions (not basic versions). We provide a touch screen and credit card payment integration options for local purchases.

Do you sell the fresh product?

QuickFlora does not sell any fresh flower products. We can refer you to several different vendors depending on your market area.

Can I run this with solar panels off the grid?

The power requirements of 24/7 refrigeration make that impractical at the moment, but certainly not impossible. Call us for further information. For non-refrigerated units, yes you can as long as you have WiFi. We are eager to pilot test with any company interested in using Lithium Ion battery packs coupled with solar panels. Call us for more details. 

Can my customer use a house account to purchase from a BloomHouse? 

Yes, if they are using the Quickflora website module. 

Can I put my brand name on top?

We can put any name you wish on the front of the BloomHouse within letter size limits. 

What other options are available?

Click here for a current list of available options. 

Can you make a custom size BloomHouse?

Yes, we love custom projects. You can even submit solidworks or 3DS max files for a specific price quote. We can also vary the door sizes as requested on custom orders (allow 16 weeks for custom doors). 

International Purchasing Questions

Is the software compatible in other languages?

Currently in English, but we can modify for any language for a flat fee using the WordPress/Woo language modules. 

How about other currencies?

The system is optimized for USD and CDN, but can be adapted to any local currently on request. 

Other payment methods?

We can code to any payment method requested for a one time flat fee.  This includes Apple Pay, Amazon Payments, Stripe, WeChat and Alipay. 

Can you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship from the port of Miami currently worldwide. BloomHouses are manufactured to fit into a standard ocean shipping container. 

Is 220V power available?

Yes, as a custom option. 

Are there any sustainable or recycled material used in the BloomHouse?