What is BloomHouse?

BloomHouse is a new automated self-service retail delivery system to increase the revenue, profitability and return of investment (ROI) of a new or existing retail location. It can also elevate the customer buying experience, reduce operating costs and improve the efficiency of your operation after hours.

Our team has over a combined 100 plus years extensive floral specific operations experience in software, marketing and automation that has been synergized to create the first automated floral retail management system for perishables.

Each BloomHouse smart cooler comes with turn key software and API that can link to almost any POS, Website or Mobile App using secure industry standard data protocols. This allows BloomHouse owners and operators a complete cloud based back end remote management to manage the sales and inventory in each unit.


Expand your Sales

Ever wonder how many floral sales you lose after your close your doors each day? Stop wondering and start servicing the needs of the modern retail flower shopper. Consumers today can purchase flowers 24/7 from a variety of sources (online, supermarkets, etc). In some cases within a two hour delivery time frame. Why not allow them to keep purchasing flowers from you?

Looking to open a new store in another part of town? A new retail storefront comes with a large chunk of high upfront costs, not to mention fixed ongoing costs, inventory and staffing expenses.

A BloomHouse allows you to extend your service area with minimal upfront costs, and almost no labor. Use your main store as the hub to service a number of BloomHouses to cover the entire city in a cost effective manner.

Reduce Labor Costs

It is no secret that labor costs in the flower business are one of the largest expenses each month. When you move into unmanned automated retail, your labor costs go down dramatically, up to 90% in some cases. BloomHouse is the future of sales automation in the floral industry for mass market companies.

Promote your Brand

You have spent years promoting your floral store brand. You can now extend it to market areas where you don’t normally deliver or sell flowers.

Easy to Manage

Each BloomHoose smart cooler comes with the industry leading point of sale management system QuickFlora, trusted by some of the largest floral operators in North America.

We offer integrated modules not only for touch screen enabled walk up sales, but also live inventory management, ecommerce and delivery integration management. Additional modules include CCTV Security, Facial Recognition capability and a full Reporting Module.

An API allows you to connect live with any existing website, point of sale or ERP system to synchronize your sales and order data seamlessly in real time. You are always in the loop 24/7 what is happening with your smart cooler. We even offer an alert module to email/text managers with each sale, when out of stock or any other monitored KPI metric.

We also integrate with major payment processors such as Cayan and Open Edge or gateway such as Authorize.net to connect to your existing merchant processor.