Our mission is quite simple. To provide the best technology and marketing tools for flower companies worldwide. We strive to help our clients lower their costs and increase their profits with innovative and creative thinking for over a decade.


Easy to Use POS


If it’s time to upgrade your point of sale system or get rid of your overpriced wire service system, now is the time to upgrade to QuickFlora POS. We make it super easy, with the ability to use a mouse, touch screen or F keys. Whatever works for you. Trusted by some of the largest flower shops in the country for over a decade. Starting at $99 a month.

BloomHouse Smart Coolers


Modern consumers demand modern ways to purchase fresh flowers 24/7. Bloomhouse is a new software and hardware platform that allows you to expand sales without adding additional labor. For as little as $499 a month, you can now sell and deliver 24/7.


Robotic Floral Design Automation

FloraBot was developed for flower companies that wish to lower labor costs and increase production quality. Designed for mass market providers, you can now create florist quality arrangements at less than $4 per hour operating costs. Starting at $1,999 a month for a turn key system.