What is a PCI Compliance Fee?

The PCI Compliance fee, is a cost that is imposed by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Counsel (PCI DSS) onto credit card processing service providers and organizations.  

This is a one time $99 annual fee for all retailers processing credit card data on our software system or platform.

PCI DSS is an organization created and controlled by the major U.S. card networks –American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard Worldwide, and Visa Inc. — and is responsible for overseeing and enacting data security policies regarding the card processing industry.

PCI Compliance costs are incurred by software merchant services and support providers (such as QuickFlora)  as the sum total of the internal costs of maintaining compliance, security audit costs, and software enhancements related to user security.  This helps users possibly avoid fines for breaches and non-compliance. Some of the fee collected goes to fund ongoing security and fraud fighting activities.

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As a general rule, each retailer processing card data MUST have a active working firewall at each physical location and AntiVirus software installed on each computer with access to the point of sale system. Failure to do so may subject you to considerable fines from Visa/Mastercard for any card data breached.