Quickflora provides 24/7 software support to all active users with a valid support code. Email us at to open a support case. Note, this email box is monitored 24/7 by several people in different time zones. 
When you are logged into the system click on the HELP button on the right side of your screen or email: directly.   Please include a specific order number or customer account ID and a detailed description of the problem. The more information you can provide, the faster we can help you resolve the issue. 

Typical Response Times:
Level 1: Mission Critical (system down)  60 minutes or less
Level 2: Functionality Issue (but orders still processing)  24 hours or less
Level 3: Training or Feature Request  24-48 hours during normal business hours
You may be issued a Case ID to keep track of your support request.

Windows PC Related Support
QuickFlora does not provide PC/Windows support, but we do have a special agreement with and they can provide PC/Windows support 24/7 for a fixed annual fee of $149 per year. This fee is per year, no matter how many times you call. They support all versions of Windows and Microsoft Office programs.
You should also contact your PC manufacturer (such as Dell) if you have a local hardware support plan in effect for your PC. Most PC hardware has a one year warranty and some come with up to three years if you purchase the warranty in advance.
Hardware Related Support
For Sonic Wall (now owned by Dell) router support, you may reach them 24/7 at the following numbers: 
Tel: +1 888.777.1476 (toll-free)
Tel: +1 408.962.6725
You may also open a case online at:
Please note: you need to register your Sonic Wall router to receive support.
If you don’t have a Sonic Wall router, you will need to contact your specific router manufacturer for support. Our technical staff can provide mission critical router support for $95 per hour if needed. If you need to buy a new router, make sure you order a bundled router from Sonic Wall at:
Do NOT use Linksys (Cisco) or Net Gear routers sold by office supply stores. Those are generally unreliable and support is almost non-existent when you have a problem.
HP Printer Hardware
Call 1-800-HP invent (474-6836) 24 hrs a day, seven days a week, for most products.

POS-X POS Hardware

Related questions regarding POS receipt printers, POS swipe readers or POS touch screens:
To download POS-X drivers:
QuickFlora supports the latest POS-X models. Please note, QuickFlora cannot share receipt printers.
POS-X Customer Support Center
(M-F) 7:00 am - 4:30 pm PST
Tel: 1.800.790.8657 ext. 5
POS-X Inc.
2130 Grant Street
Bellingham, WA 98225-4203
Tel: 360.738.8433
Fax: 360.738.3495

Broadband Related
Please call your local internet provider directly if you are having connection problems.
If you cannot reach any other websites on your system such as (besides QuickFlora), you are most likely experiencing an internet connection problem with your local provider. 
Make sure you check your local speed at:
If your speed is under 1.5MBs download, you need to consult with them for a higher speed line. (Minimum 3MBs is best). We suggest all users run a primary and back up connection to ensure uninterrupted service.

Web Ex Recorder/Player Related
It is highly advised that new users run Web Ex Recorder for at least 4-8 weeks so that we can quickly pinpoint and resolve any issues you may be having. You can download the free version of Web Ex Recorder at:

Keep in mind this recorder (stored locally on your own PC) records ALL activity, so you will want to hit “pause” when you check your own personal email. Our staff cannot access these recorded files without your permission as they are stored on your local PC and not on our server.
These recorded video files are invaluable in helping us resolve any issues you may be having with our software, and offer insurance against anyone deleting any order data by accident. If a user does delete an order or any order date by accident, you can just replay the video on your end to retrieve the data. If you do not use this recorder, then the deleted data will be lost.