Source Code Options

QuickFlora POS is the only system in the floral industry that makes the source code available to large users on request. This provides you with the security that you will never again be held hostage from your vendor. Your development team can effortlessly write modifications to the application and still take advantage of continual code updates from our development team. 

We run on SQL Server, IIS7 and .net code base. We also offer SSRS options with crystal reports for enterprise users.  


We can interface to any API on request. We support the Shift Planning API currently for time clock and reporting purposes. 


We are EMV Certified in Canada (since 2012) with Mercury Systems (Global Pay) using approved verifone hardware. For US user approved hardware please contact us directly for the latest information. We also offer out of scope solutions on request. 


QuickFlora runs our own servers in a Level 4 datacenter using Level 3 as the backbone. 

We deploy multiple servers for both onsite and offsite data protection and backup. 

Our uptime record is 99.99% for several years running now.

SSRS/Crystal Reports

We support both these options for large enterprise users and franchise flower operators that need advanced finance reporting tools. 

Interface Options

We interface firecl with FSN (Flower Shop Network) and can interface with any wire service on request. 

Custom Modifications

Our in-house development team can code almost anything into QuickFlora. With over 10 years experience, our team can create any module you can imagine.

You can request any custom modifications and we will provide an estimate and timeline based on the module. You can also have you own IT team or developers create custom modifications with our approval and certification. 

No complex project briefs...
Just quick, project crunching.


Tell us what you need from QuickFlora.

We clarify your requirements, then send you a quote and timeframe.

We login to your site & write the code. You check it and sign it off.

User Requirements

Typical users should have a minimum of 4GB of memory (PC or MAC) and run in non administrator mode. Contact us for the latest User Configuration best practices. 

Browser Support

We support the latest version of IE, Firefox for the PC, and Firefox for OSX currently. 

PCI Compliance

We can assist with your PCI certification on request. We use Trustwave on our end. 

Data Migrations

We can import any file you can EXPORT from a prior system. If you need expert help, our team is willing to log and assist on special request, but we can not guarantee data export when the prior vendor does not co-operate or is no longer in business. 

Network Requirements

Stable broadband of at least 5Mbs down and 1Mbs up is highly recommended to avoid slow server response times. We will verify the speed before a user goes live during the implantation process. 

Merchant Processing

We fully integrate with Open Edge and Cayan. Mercury (Global Payments) in Canada. gateway options are available on special request for a fee. 

Custom Websites

User can create their own custom front end splash pages and just add a “shop now” button that links to the QuickFlora ecommerce cart. 

Mobile Apps

We support native OS X apps with customization options. Each app is fully integrated into the POS and approved merchant processor. Android apps are pending release.