Quickflora offers an advanced inventory control module (ICON) for floral perishables that allows you to track each and every arrangement or bunch of flowers up to the point of sale.

Using this module a flower company can:

  • Create recipe/assembly list for featured arrangements

  • Print unique serialized bar codes for each item

  • Dynamically display these for sale “live” via a website, mobile app or API

  • Book orders for assembled or unassembled arrangements/bouquet

  • Degrade inventory counts based on live real time sales

  • Track the status of aged products (in hours) for each unique barcoded item

  • Rotate out expired aged items from inventory

By using ICON to manage floral purchases through production, distribution and sale, the user can keep real time track of every sold and unsold item in inventory in multiple locations. This allows the company to:

  • Minimize inventory of live perishable products

  • Maximize sales of on-hand perishable inventory

  • Guarantee product freshness of each and every flower arrangement/bouquet

  • Minimize dumpage of perishable product week in and week out by location

This module is ideal for high volume multi location retailers and can be custom configured to integrate with your own POS, Accounting or ERP system.

Help Videos:

Enter a cash and carry order.

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The Team at QuickFlora