How much does it cost to use your POS?

The cost depends on the number of terminals you have, how many locations, and which modules you need. If you have time to answer a few quick questions, we can give send you a formal estimate.  

Can I just pay one fee upfront rather than monthly payments?

Yes, we have a lifetime subscription option for all of our users. This will allow you to reduce your monthly costs dramatically. Contact us for quote. 

Do you have any special offers right now? 

Yes. Contact your salesperson for this month’s special offer. We also offer special rates for new flower shops. 

How does the setup process work for point-of-sale (POS) purchases? 

You will be assigned a dedicated implementation specialist who will guide you through the process step by step until your planned live date. Our team has implemented hundreds of migrations over the years with flower shops with up to 10 million in sales, 100+ employees and multiple locations. 

We also have CPAs and network engineers to help you with any hardware related issues. 

How long have you been in business?

QuickFlora has been serving flower shops since May 2008 when our first user went live. But our owners and managers have a combined 50 years of combined experience in the retail flower business in the US and Canada. 

How often does your system go down? How reliable is your system? 

We have one of the best uptime records in the flower industry with a 99.99% uptime record in the last five years. You can talk to any of our users to get an idea of how reliable we have been over the years. Many POS providers have serious downtime issues, especially during the holidays. Be sure to ask current users how often their system goes down BEFORE you commit to any new POS system. 

How much can I save with your system?

The average wire service florist saves $500 a month with a QuickFlora POS and website. That is a savings of $30,000 over five years. 

Can I use my own images on the website? 

Yes, or you may use any one of our free 200 free images that are included with your registration.

Does it run on a MAC? OSX?

Yes, all modules (except POS) run on Apple computers with a Firefox browser. 

Can I use my old card paper and forms?

Yes, we support QuickFlora cards and HyperTickets. 

Can I export my data at any time? 

Yes, we do not hold user data hostage like some other companies do. 

Do I need to backup my POS data? 

No, we do that for you every 15 minutes on our end and the server level. You can also choose to back up/export your data anytime you wish. 

Where are you located?

Our sales office is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We also have support staff in India and the Philippines, as well as Europe. 

Can I buy computers from you that are already pre-configured?

We don’t sell hardware, but we can give you some tips on which companies have the best deals. 

Do you have any transaction fees?

No. Unlike the major wire services we do not charge per order. There is only one flat rate monthly fee for our website service. This can save you hundreds of dollars per month compared to a wire service website. 

What type of computer do I need to run the QuickFora POS?

You should have a computer with at least 4GBs of memory and Windows 7 or higher. We do not support Windows XP, since it is no longer PCI compliant for orders. You may also use MAC OSX with some limitations. 

Does the POS support multiple ship to addresses from the shopping cart?

No, as most retail florists have found this to be very problematic historically when they have tried this with regard  to point of sale integration. It is easy to allow shopping cart to accept multiple orders/cards/ship destinations but historically this has caused one of the highest error rates on the back end when it comes to order fulfillment.  For this reasons we strongly discourage this practice in ecommerce.

Once a online shopper is registered online, it is very easy for them to place multiple orders using the same login in ID on most systems.  This assigns one unique order ID to each order and each ship destination avoiding any confusion at the store level.

Do you have a delivery management module?


Do you have a real time inventory module?


Do you have a wedding or event module?


Do you have a marketing module?


Can I print statements and invoices?


Do you have EMV terminals and compatibility?


Is they system compatible with Canadian systems? 

Yes, we have been serving large flower shops in Canada since 2012. We are fully GST and PST compatible, and EMV/debit pin chip compatible. 

Who owns the company?

Alex Frost, a former retail florist who owned flower shops in the US and Canada started the company and still runs it today. 

Are you affiliated with any wire service?

No, we are not owned by any wire service. We are an independent software company. There are never any membership fees with us. 

Can custom changes be made to the POS if needed?

Yes, any custom charges are billed on a per hour basis.

How often do you do updates?

We issue updates every Saturday night automatically for all users. 

Do you have any wire service interfaces? 

We do provide a FSN (Flower Shop Network) interface, and we can code any interface that you have permission to use from any wire service.  

Why haven't I heard of you?

We are a small company and our business is usually generated through referrals. 

Where is your support team based?

Our team is based in the US, India, and the Philippines.  

Do you offer onsite setup and training?

Yes, on request and for a fee.