BloomHouse FAQ’s

How much does BloomHouse cost to run?

That depends on the size, the monthly cost of the ground lease (if any) and the monthly cost of utilities for electrical.

Does the price include delivery to the final zip code?

No. The delivery is calculated from the manufacturing location to the final destination zip code/postal code of the country the unit is being shipped to.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. For US based companies, we do offer a financing program through The Florist Federal Credit Union. Normally there is a 20% down payment and they have excellent low rates. Keep in mind a UCC filing and credit check/approval will be needed also if financed.

What are the payment terms?

50% is due with a signed contract and the balance 15 days prior to final delivery. If financed, the 50% is paid directly by you finance company.

Are there vendors that stock these for us?

There are many growers that will stock these with bouquets as is typical with mass market accounts such as supermarkets. We do not endorse any one grower over another.

Can I use my own drivers for final delivery?

Yes. You can program the available delivery hours, and trigger a notice to your own driver to pick up and deliver the purchased product (if you do not wish to use Uber/Lyft) or if you wish to run a hybrid delivery model with your own drivers during business hours and use Uber/Lyft after hours and on weekends. Your delivery rates should vary based on the priority and delivery window or time of day.

What are the electrical requirements?

This depends on the unit. Smaller wall units are currently 110V in the US and 220 is available for non-US countries on request.

Is there plumbing?

There is no plumbing requirement, but we do offer a rainwater storage collection system on request.

Can I run this with solar panels off the grid?

The exact requirements of 24/7 refrigeration make that impractical, but not impossible. Call us for further information. For non-refrigerated units, yes you can.

Can my staff work inside this unit?

If a stand alone unit, yes, you can choose to have a workspace set up inside if you wish, or custom designed to your specification.

How do you handle security?

Each unit comes with a full digital CCTV camera system with remote monitoring. We also offer a subscription service for 24/7 monitoring on request.

Can I set my own retail prices?

You set your own prices for any products sold, and/or any delivery fees. Our software allows you to charge delivery fees per mile, flat rate or per zip/postal code.

Do I determine what products to sell?

We can make suggestions, but generally we are not involved in curating which products work best in your local market area. .

How are crowdsourced delivery services paid?

You can open a corporate account with Uber, Lyft (and or Deliv) directly.

How is the proper temperature controlled for flowers?

For cooled units, we include a commercial refrigeration system with each unit that is specific to your local climate.

Can I sell non-floral items?

Yes, you can sell any items you wish.

How many orders do I need to break even per month?

That depends on your average order, your average margin and total numbers of orders per month. In addition, how you promote and advertise your unit.

Can a customer walk up and make a purchase?

If enabled, yes, we provide a touch screen credit card payment option for local purchases.

What sizes are available?

Currently wall units, 10, 20 and 40 foot sizes are available. Special custom sizes available on request.

Can this be used indoors?

Yes it can. Indoors use does require a properly vented HVAC system and power supply. Possibly plumbing drain.

Can I use this just for floral holidays a few weeks a year?

Yes you can turn it on and off as you wish.

Is there remote technical support?

Yes, there is 24/7 remote technical support available for all worldwide users, if you have wifi available.

Can I use this for B2B sales?

Yes you can. You can even mix B2C and B2B sales if needed.

Can the door sizes be changed?

Only on a special custom request for an additional fee.

What is the delivery time frame after a purchase contract is signed?

Normal US delivery fabrication time is 45-60 days depending on production schedule. This does not include delivery time to the final destination or any setup.

Do you sell the fresh product?

QuickFlora does not sell any fresh products. We can refer you to several different vendors depending on your market area.

Are there any areas of the country/world where BloomHouse will not work due to extreme climate conditions?

Yes, some areas have extreme fluctuations that make it impractical for year round outdoor use. In those areas, they require a weather enclosure. Please call us for more information.

Do you provide exclusive territories?

Yes, we do on request for a fee.

Do you provide the signage with my brand name?

If you provide us a Adobe Illustrator file of your logo, we can arrange for all the signage and branding for an additional fee. It can be pre-installed before shipping to the final destination.

Is the temperature remotely monitored?

Yes, 24/7 with alerts and alarms for variation outside the established normal temperature.

Do you provide the POS software?

Yes, we provide all the software needed to run each unit and conduct ecommerce.

Do you help with site selection?

Yes, on request.

Do you help with the ground lease?

Yes, on request. We also have some excellent lease attorneys we can refer you to.

Do I need a building permit?

This depends on your city/county and the final location. For smaller wall units, check this site for more information:

Do I need to check local zoning?

Yes. Wall units are generally classified as “vending machines” in many states, but you must verify with your local jurisdiction.

What is the ideal location for maximum sales?

A location with the highest “traffic count” and highest “visibility” possible where people can easily drive up, park and pick up/make a purchase. Sometimes this is in a existing mall parking lot and sometimes this is a empty lot on a corner. It all depends on your local market and nearby competition. Of course, you can put this on your own leased/owned lot.

What about security?

We take security very seriously. In fact, some people say we go a bit overboard given than we are tech people. All units come with a built in CCTV remote camera monitoring system that is tied to a smartphone for real time notifications.

Beyond that we offer an optional subscription for 24/7 monitoring that involves motion sensors, cameras and local voice control. This is far more security than is used with a typical ATM machine. We know you have made a significant investment in a BloomHouse and we are committed to ensuring each unit is fully secure and monitored at all times.

It should be noted, every customer/employee interaction within 10 feet is recorded and stored for 30 days for security purposes.