BloomHouse for Growers

“A wise man once told me that one thing is certain; there will always be producers and
consumers, the business that happens in between those is up for grabs and is constantly changing.  The internet, credit cards smart phones and overnight delivery sparked a fire
that continues to burn bright with uncertainty.”
                                                                                   ~ Willie Armellini, October 12th, 2017


BloomHouse is a revolutionary new business model that allows growers to be more active players in the global flower industry. By creating a new, scalable, fully automated sales channel for growers, you can now capture more of the profit margin for flowers. Growers today have, in many cases, lost control of when or where their product is sold - and for how much. In some cases, they have been regulated to a commodity provider that is easily replaced at the whims of mass market buyers. We have developed BloomHouse as a way for growers to participate financially in the added value chain as flowers move downstream to consumers.

For growers that wish to control their own flowers through the value chain and obtain the highest price for their products - while at the same time having an outlet for unsold flowers -a BloomHouse is the perfect fit for such a business goal. We make it as easy as possible to expand your sales immediately by providing all the support services needed, without having to add additional staffing on your end. In some cases, your trucks already run routes through the cities you may choose to locate a BloomHouse. With some mass market key accounts, it may make sense to provide them a BloomHouse at each of their locations in order to help expand existing sales. The options are truly endless and rapidly scalable within 90 days or less.
There is also no doubt the per capital flower consumption rate in North America will move significantly higher as consumers are able to purchase fresher flowers faster (24/7) via smartphones and tablets in the years to come.


Why BloomHouse?


We help growers get a better price for each harvest. BloomHouse is a new way to break free from “commodity pricing” for your flowers. This translates into more income for the same product, which entirely changes the paradigm growers have historically been tied to. On average, growers receive just 5 percent of the retail price of flowers. A rose that costs 20 cents at the farm level sells for $4 at the US retail level. What if you could move that number
to 7 or 10 percent? How much more would that add to the bottom line for each harvest? Retailers have the highest profit margin in the flower chain - many times 70 percent or more, while growers have some of the lowest profit margins.


Growers can get paid daily as sales are made each day to consumers. There is no need to wait 60 or 90 days any longer. This greatly improves cash flow for your operation which helps in a multitude of ways. Funds are also deposited in the country where the retail sale occurs.


You can now determine what flowers you wish to grow and what you wish to sell as opposed to having a mass market buyer dictate what that should be. You can grow and sell what works for you and your growing operation - not the other way around.


It is no secret that 5-10% or more of all product grown is either left in the field, cut, but not bunched or bunched and never sold. This is a tremendous perishable inventory waste for any operation. You can now take your excess capacity and sell it at full retail price thus making your production far more efficient. Utilizing this new BloomHouse business model ensures that flowers that would have normally gone to waste will not only be sold, but at a
much higher profit margin.


Within 60-90 days you can have your new BloomHouse built, delivered (to the country of your choice) and installed. Then you can begin generating retail sales anywhere in the world in the currency of that specific market.



You no longer need to be handcuffed to a few importers or mass market buyers any longer. This is a great way to break into new markets or countries with no sales channel conflict. NO CAP EX EXPENSE We provide complete financing through approved credit with The Federal Florist Credit Union
for all U.S. based companies. In many countries, a BloomHouse can be leased or financed as equipment according to local tax regulations.


For BloomHouse buyers (not based in China) an investment in several BloomHouses will qualify for a United States EB-5 visa from most countries This is an easy, low-cost way to qualify for a green card for yourself and your family within two years.

BloomHouse Benefits:

  • A new sales channel to move unsold or uncut product that goes to waste

  • More control over final pricing when sold direct to consumers

  • Grower chooses what products go into the BloomHouse each day

  • Expand your brand directly with consumers to capture the highest margin

  • Financing available through a recognized credit union for US companies

  • Walk-up, cash-and-carry and self-serve capability with credit cards

  • Can be expanded to a manned facility for major holidays

  • 24/7 remote security monitoring service

  • Integrated crowdsourced delivery options (Uber, Lyft, Deliv, etc.)

BloomHouse Features:

  • Real-time inventory control over every item listed for sale

  • eCommerce website and mobile apps provided for consumer direct sales

  • Can sell both perishable and non-pressible products

  • Can sell specialty gifts besides flowers

  • Complete temperature control over each locker

  • Can sell B2C and B2B in the same unit

  • Can sell grower boxes, DIY party and wedding kits

  • Cash-and-carry, self-serve capability with credit cards

  • Full remote monitoring system