The QuickFlora Delivery module is a sophisticated system that helps

you manage your daily deliveries, whether you have 10 or 100 per day!

The dispatch manager has his own screen that shows him a snapshot of all orders in process for the current day. It can also:

• see which orders have been routed and not routed

• see the status of each order (booked, picked, shipped, returned, etc.)

• have access to Google Maps to see each and every address

• sort deliveries into specific zones or zip codes

• print trip sheets for drivers, couriers or pools

• confirm deliveries in real time using web device, iPhone or iPad

• obtain digital signature capture using a iPad device

• print delivery tickets for each package

• and many, many more features...

The Delivery module has been stress tested with some of the largest florists in the nation over every major floral holiday.

QuickFlora POS fully integrates the most powerful eCommerce website in the floral industry that is fully integrated with the inventory, ordering, accounts receivable and customer modules. This allows you to push real-time inventory and pricing information to your web site.