QuickFlora has partnered with Dell Computers to provide you with free hardware when you switch over to QuickFlora POS! In effect, QuickFlora is paying to switch you over to a new POS!

This offer is available to all new users that sign up after June 1st, 2011 and go live before September 1st, 2011.

Here is how the offer works:

Sign up for QuickFlora POS. You will be issued a special QuickFlora POS offer code on the Dell website to place your order with Dell. Once Dell approves your account QuickFlora will deduct the monthly lease/finance fee 100% from your monthly service fee.

QuickFlora Base Users 1 PC up to $500 in value

QuickFlora Standard Users 2 PC’s up to $1,000 in value

QuickFlora Professional Users 4 PC’s up to $2,000 in value

QuickFlora Enterprise Users 6 PC’s up to $3,000 in value


To qualify for this great offer:

  1. .You must use PPI for credit card processing.

  2. .All PC’s must be used exclusively for POS (no other wire service software can be installed).

  3. .Subject to credit approval with Dell Financial Services, LLC.

  4. .New PC configuration must be approved by QuickFlora.

  5. .Apple MAC users-call us for more details. Same great offer applies to MAC’s.

Click here  to sign up now and have a representative set you up.

If you are looking to empower or upgrade your flower shop with a completely integrated system that includes powerful eCommerce, full-blown accounting, point-of-sale, credit card clearing and remote access - then QuickFlora POS is the system for your business.