The QuickFlora system has a very comprehensive inventory system that can support organizations of all sizes.

Once items are marked as "stock" items, the system keeps track of all items and even pulls them off the website when the QTY hits zero. If an employee tries to place an order for an item that is out of stock, the system will place the order on "hold" until it is released by a supervisor.

It is great for keeping track of branded items at the holidays or specialty gift items sold in the store. Additionally, it’s ideally suited for multi-location operations to keep track of global inventory company wide.

Look under the inventory module on the left hand menu in your demo to see additional options available to owners and managers.

You will find that no other floral pos system has as powerful a inventory system as QuickFlora.

QuickFlora POS can be used to process over 100,000 orders a month for large shops or for smaller shops that run just one terminal. The average QuickFlora point-of-sale user has four terminals and processes over 30 deliveries a day.