Floral Images

Quickflora is pleased to offer a fully customized selection guide to the floral industry. This 150-page book comes in two versions:

Standard Version with no pricing or Custom Version which can be PERSONALIZED by imprinting with your logo, name, phone number and pricing on every page!

The Selection Guide features over 175 images covering everyday, roses, contemporary, sympathy, fall, christmas, green and blooming plants.

This cutting-edge new concept allows a local florist an opportunity to offer a localized book, custom fit for your personal needs. No more hours spent attaching pricing stickers!

We are offering the standard version for $499 or fully customized version for $799 each. Each version is covered in aqueous coating for durability, and web-ready image are included for your website. In addition, all images are already uploaded on your QuickFlora website and mobile app automatically if you are a subscriber.

As a value added feature, the entire image library can be viewed online. When you send an order out of your normal delivery area, the receiving florist will be able see exactly what was ordered. No more hunting for the book, a simple mouse click will give everyone the tools to do the job correctly.


  • No branded products!

  • Easy to design images

  • Comes with web-ready images

  • Matching website and mobile app available

  • Matching direct mail promos available

  • Over 100 12x12 pages

  • Comes with a leather binder

Click here to view the entire selection guide. Available in Canada also now.