Enterprise Website Options for QuickFlora POS Users
As website and shopping cart technology has progressed rapidly over the past few years (and we expect this trend to continue), large flower companies looking for the best in class open source solutions should consider the following options for advanced QuickFlora POS integration.

Front End/Content Management System (CMS)
We strongly suggest an open source solution such as WordPress (with a custom theme template) that can be managed/designed by an experienced graphic designer (or graphic design firm). This gives you the ultimate flexibility in controlling your front end (with or without programmers) and without the need or assistance of the QuickFlora support staff.
The QuickFlora team can set up, host and help you maintain your front end WordPress pages or you may choose to manage this yourself/in-house and just point the “shop now” link to the QuickFlora shopping cart. You can find more information at the following link:


We have also set up a demo QuickFlora Wordpress site:

Olivia Theme


Willow Theme:


Shopping Cart
While there is no perfect shopping cart for the floral industry, there is a strong movement toward open source “best in class” shopping cart technology. We have looked at many of them to see which is a good, overall fit with QuickFlora POS.
We have recently decided to support Woo Commerce for our enterprise users. We find they have a very large established user base with excellent third party plugins that allow for future growth.  You can now move orders from Woo to QuickFlora in real time without rekeying data.  
Please note that not all third party plugins offered by Woo Commerce or Woo commerce vendors are compatible with QuickFlora. The integration is currently one-way (order data pushes to the POS from the shopping cart) and we do not immediately plan for two-way sync at the moment.

You can find more information at the following link:



WooCommerce Implementation

Webmaster Notes:

Please note, we do not support any function that is not mentioned below.  We can not provide support for any third party plugins that are not compatible with QuickFlora POS.

How Woo works with QuickFlora POS

In order to properly sync all Woo order data with your POS, you MUST ensure your Woo cart is configured as follows. Failure to do so will result in missed data on orders and lead to complaints.  You can NOT create random fields in Woo that do not exist in the QuickFlora POS.

Woo Commerce Approved Sync Set Up

We currently support a   one way sync (meaning Woo cart order data can be pushed automatically into the POS)  but no updates of products and other data can go from the POS to the Woo cart.  For the proper importing of Woo order data into Quickflora POS there are some key points to be noted:

  • Any delivery methods used on the Woo cart  must be already setup in POS.
  • Any add-on item must be added as separate line item.
  • We only support  one single shipping address per order.
  • Any field used on the Woo cart must exist in POS, if not in POS then that information may display in internal notes on order in POS.
  • Payments charged on Woo cart orders will be stored as “credit card payment” in QuickFlora POS and no future adjustment on that original charge can be made in Woo after that order data is imported (it must be made in your processor account) not in the QuickFlora POS.  (examples are refunds, order adjustments, etc)

Please refer to this sample Woo shopping cart as the proper way to configure your Woo cart in order to sync order data properly.


If you have any further questions, you may contact us at support@quickflora.com and enter “Woo cart question” in the subject line.

Need Help with Woo Configuration?
Our support team can complete this task for you for a one time $300 set up fee, and sync this to your QuickFlora POS.  Please allow 7 days for processing.