Will robots be arranging your flowers soon?

It’s no secret that many people in the hospitality and retail industry are starting to roll out new concepts that involve using robotic technologies. Some of the benefits boasted by such businesses include the elimination of training new employees, robots are more efficient and make fewer errors, robots can be trained to complete all duties and responsibilities rather than just a few, and they do not become ill with proper maintenance. Robots are not without fault, however the cost savings and productivity improvements are making hundreds of thousands of people’s jobs expendable.


With labor accounting for such a large part of the flower growing process and up to 30 percent of a flower shop’s operating expenses, it seems a natural fit for the flower industry and robotics. These robots work 24/7, never require a coffee break, and insurance costs drop significantly by eliminating the need for employee liability protection.

How long until we see a full automated greenhouse? Maybe not as long as people might think. Several companies are already trying to automate greenhouse and nursery operations.


I know more than a few flower shops that were burning the midnight oil in a mad rush to keep up with the demand of Valentine’s Day this year, and they could sure have used some help like this! If a robot can cook and flip pancakes, it won't be long before they are keeping mass market flower coolers fresh and up to date...

Harvest Automation is already building robots for growers with a $10 million round of funding. Check out the neat video on their home page.


The future is here. Embrace it. Welcome it. Or, it will pass you by.

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