PRESS RELEASE – New, Free eVenta Event and Wedding Manager launched for Floral Industry.

With the unique needs of floral event planners worldwide, QuickFlora has responded with a free software application for all flower shops.

Miami, FL: QuickFlora, Inc, has released a new enterprise level software application “eVenta” to allow floral companies to manage events and weddings. This new module is built on the existing, enterprise level flower shop management system “QuickFlora” which has been used by some of the largest florists in North America for over a decade. Unlike many basic proposal programs, eVenta was developed with advanced production, purchasing, and delivery modules that larger, multi-location flower shops have come to expect in their daily operations.  

“We wanted to create something that can easily handle a $2,000 wedding or a $100,000 wedding,” said QuickFlora CEO Alex Frost. “At the same time, we are providing a free, basic version that flower shops can use forever, and upgrade as they grow.” These integrated operation modules allow a florist to generate a sales proposal quickly, cost out all the recipes for each item, and obtain digital contract signatures online.

Studies have shown that a professional proposal quickly presented after the first client meeting has a higher close ratio for events leading to increased sales. The average bride will obtain three floral bids on a wedding, and the professional presentation of the proposal is a deciding factor in many cases. While utilizing the free, basic version of the software, a small flower shop can now close more sales faster using the new eVenta software.  Users can sign up for a free version at

About QuickFlora, Inc.:

Located in the Miami area, QuickFlora, Inc. has been providing point-of-sale and shop management software to many of the top flower shops in North America for over a decade. Our technology team creates custom modules for all segments of the floral industry. For more information, please visit

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