Is Your Wholesaler Selling to Consumers?

We came across this picture of Katie Holmes shopping at the L.A. Flower Market. This should dispel the myth that "bargain" hunters" only shop at true flower markets. 

We see this more and more as we travel across the country. It is an unmistakable trend. Wholesalers are under pressure to survive with less and less flower shops every year. 

Very few of them deliver, but they do offer consumers a wide variety of fresh cut flowers for personal use, DIY weddings and events, and some even offer classes. 

I know many flower shops refuse to patronize these wholesalers. Are they necessarily a bad thing? 

Our philosophy is that the more companies expose people to flowers, the better. Thirty years ago, supermarkets sold zero flowers. Today, 23,000 supermarkets sell upwards of six billion dollars a year.

Our family flower shop was like many flower shops today. We never made much of an attempt to sell cut flowers to self-service customers. We always viewed it as a "hassle." In effect, we gave away this entire market to the supermarkets by default. The flower industry handed it to them on a silver platter. They took it all. 

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