Why 5am is the Most Productive Time of Day

Do you love what you do each day? 

I am so glad to see the Wall Street Journal agrees with me....!!!! 

For years people have been giving me a hard time about hitting the floor running at 5am or 6am sharp (voluntarily I might add).  

It's really easy to explain. Do you love what you do? For me, every day is an amazing day filled with new opportunities and sheer joy. Optimism coupled with drive fuels me at that early hour.  

When I think about our boys serving overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan going to "work" each day and getting shot at left and right, I can't imagine ever complaining about my day job after watching Restrepo. When you think about that perspective, who would not be happy to go to work here each day? 

The silence at 5am is deafening. Sometimes, if I am alone in the office, you will hear very loud music at that hour. Lots of people give me dirty looks at 8am when they roll in. 

The Zen time is actually the hours I am most creative. The lack of distractions allows the mind to think outside the box. Some days I will be at the beach with my laptop working there while the sun comes up.  

I love zipping down the freeway just when the stars are still fading out. It is exhilarating to feel so far ahead of every else at that hour! :-)  By the time 8 am rolls around, and I am on the second cup of coffee, I could easily run a marathon some mornings.  

So the next time you see a white car blow by you on the freeway doing 100 at six am you will know where I am going. 

Seize the day early risers! 

P.S. Contrary to people thinking I am a workaholic, my "shift" ends at 6pm EST SHARP and begins the next day at 6am EST. You do have to have a separation between "business" and a "personal" life to have a proper life/work balance.

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