Does it make sense to use Uber for flower deliveries?

The more I travel around the country to work with flower shops, the more I am impressed with Uber and Lyft. It is not just for people anymore.

Which begs the question, can a flower shop use Uber to make local deliveries? I was able to test this at a Los Angeles flower shop about one year ago for several months. Keep in mind Los Angeles has the "worst" traffic in the this was a good test area. 

In each case where we called a Uber driver to make the delivery, the cost was always less than what it would have cost to send a driver into LA traffic. The savings was even more extraordinary when it was a late in the day, round trip delivery. 

Assuming it was 15 miles from the shop, this delivery would have cost somewhere in the range of $20-$25 with a company driver, truck and company fuel. Uber did it for half that amount.

Still not convinced? 

There is a shop in San Francisco now promising 90 minute delivery on all local orders..take a guess how they do that? Yup, no company trucks. All Uber, all the time.

Can your shop deliver all your orders within 90 minutes? Guess who has the advantage here customer service wise and cost wise? 

Think twice next time you think you need "another" truck to expand your delivery or service area.

The future is here. Embrace it before your competition does. 

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