How to Destroy Your Brand Over a Cup of Coffee

Sitting at Terminal 6 at LAX waiting for some fresh coffee from the new "Kitchen Counter" by Wolfgang Puck. 

Now we all know that when "LAX" (i.e. Westfield) calls and says, "can we license your name and pay you a lot of money," how hard that is to turn down. 

But, then reality sets in for your loyal brand customers. They wait in line 20+ minutes for a fresh cup of coffee - because there is only one cashier on duty – and when they get to the front the of the line, there is "no coffee.” 

Is this the image you intended when you turned over your brand to the concession people at LAX? Probably not. 

$10 later (one cup of decaf and one scone) and the bad taste lingers long after the coffee is gone. 

Moral of the story: Pick your partnerships carefully. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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