FREE WEBINAR: The 21st Century Florist

As a 21st century florist, you’ve likely faced some thorny challenges. In order to succeed in the floral industry today, your business needs superior product, excellent customer service, cutting edge technology and exceptional brand recognition. 

Alex Frost owned, operated and managed retail floral operations in the US and Canada with up to 10 million dollars in sales. He is the founder of several floral technology companies and ventures, including QuickFlora, and on September 28 he will be sharing his firsthand knowledge on how to create a strong floral brand that will make your business thrive.

 To learn more, join QuickFlora at 12pm ET on September 28 for a free webinar titled, “The 21st Century Florist.” 

Key Takeaways: 
1. The advantages of integrating your POS, website and mobile apps
2. How to track the cost of each and every delivery
3. Why product standardization work

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