So the Queen is selling flowers now?

Look for Queen Latifah at your local supermarket soon. 

In what is a growing trend, celebrities are lending their names to flower ventures to help sell more products to more flower consumers. 

While this licensed lined of arrangements (farm bouquets really) is designed for the mass market, there is considerable upside in having flowers as a lifestyle product gain greater acceptance into the U.S. mass market. 

The more people buying flowers every day, the better for all involved in the flower business. Remember that in Europe the per capita consumption of flowers is many times higher than it is in North America. 

Who thought Americas would pay $5 for a cup of coffee 25 years ago? No one did. Not 7-Eleven, not Dunkin Donuts...not until Howard Schultz came along and started Starbucks. The coffee market is now ten times larger thanks to him. 

A rising tide lifts all ships. Embrace the newcomers, the more the better!

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Is Yelp Holding Your Flower Shop Hostage?


We hear this type of story often these days.

A phoney review on Yelp about your flower shop, and Yelp won't do a thing to help you remove it. Unless, of course, you sign up for a $500 per month "plan." Then the salesperson seems to imply, "something can be done."

When we first started hearing this, I found it hard to believe as it is borderline extortion, but then it kept coming up over and over again from different florists in various parts of the country. It was then that I realized the salespeople may be promising a bit more than they can deliver. We can especially see this happening in a high commission sales environment.

For those of you frustrated by this, you will be glad to know Yelp is getting a taste of its own medicine in court now. See article below:

If this case is successful in California, maybe this will level the playing field finally with a company that just does not seem to want to do much to prevent false reviews.  

Personally, I think unless the poster is a verified customer, these should not be allowed. 

If you have a similar story to share, please do!

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FREE WEBINAR: The 21st Century Florist

As a 21st century florist, you’ve likely faced some thorny challenges. In order to succeed in the floral industry today, your business needs superior product, excellent customer service, cutting edge technology and exceptional brand recognition. 

Alex Frost owned, operated and managed retail floral operations in the US and Canada with up to 10 million dollars in sales. He is the founder of several floral technology companies and ventures, including QuickFlora, and on September 28 he will be sharing his firsthand knowledge on how to create a strong floral brand that will make your business thrive.

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