Why Generic POS systems are bad for Flower Shops

Why Generic POS systems are Bad for Retail Flower Shops

We hear from many shops these days that are using Square, Clover, Lightspeed and Quickbooks to some or all parts of the flower business.

We can tell you with certainty why these are not appropriate for any florist. These systems are all “generic” POS systems that are not designed for flower shops or flower customers. They are designed for people selling generic “widgets” mostly on a cash and carry basis.

None of the systems have:

  • Production and Design Room Modules

  • Delivery Planning and Routing Modules

  • Card or Envelope Printing Capability

  • Ability to handle wire in and wire out orders

  • Ability to properly handle flower orders

  • No interface with typical florist website platforms

  • Few if any florist specific financial reports

Inevitably what happens is people start using them (as they are cheap and quick to set up) but realize after a few months that they are woefully inadequate for servicing the typical flower shop customers.

The true cost of these systems in lost productivity and lost customers due to the huge capability gaps ends up costing far more than the savings over a traditional floral point of sale system.

We can say for certainty there is not one florist (out of the top 1,000 in the nation) that uses any of these systems for all the reasons outlined above.