Cloud based versus Server based Florist Software

Every week we seem to get questions from flower shops that are debating or comparing cloud based florist point of sale systems versus server based point of sale systems.

It is a valid question and there are specific things you need to consider with regard to any type of florist software you plan to use.

Cloud Based POS:

No license fees or other upfront fees

Continuous ongoing backup (every 15 minutes) and updates automatically

Can run from any location (store, home, tablet, phone)

No contracts (month to month)

99.9% uptime guarantee by our network team of five people

No server to buy

No server to back up

No server that goes down

Server Based POS:

Large Upfront License Fee

Fixed limited access license

No 24/7 uptime server support

Have to buy a server (very expensive)

Have to patch and maintain the server

Have to run local backups

You are stuck with your vendor forever (no matter if you like them or not)

PCI Liability (if your server is hacked you are in big big trouble with fines)

When you weigh all the pros and cons it's clear why the entire business world is moving towards cloud based software. It just makes so much sense and so much less work for any florist looking to run any type of florist software these days.

We run your server so you can do what you do best, which is make flowers not run an IT department.

The Support Team at QuickFlora